What To Think??

so we're just friends still, nothing's happened, I'm still in love with him but neither of us has made a move, until today. hos whole fanily recons he likes me, he tries so hatd to impress me :3 anywya so I was over at his house, just hanging out and he was telling me how he is going to sound wave and Linkin park and I asked how much the tickets were. they were only $108 so cheap!! he asks me to go with him and obviously I said yes!! so he asked his mate if there were any free tickets and e areanged them for me, and now we're going together!! its pretty soon too & I don't know if he see's it as a date, but I kinda do! it only the two of us going to see a band that we both are obsessed with! i dot know what im more wxcited about, the gig or the fact that im going with him :3 I think it might be a date.... is it?
hopelessinlove22 hopelessinlove22
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1 Response Feb 7, 2013

I think the best thing might be to treat it as a non-date and be pleasantly surprised. Or you could just ask him, if you're gutsy enough. Maybe you don't want to ruin things with him, but chances are he feels the same way and even if he doesn't you've gotten it off your chest and have been a brave person.

thank you so much for your thoughts :) I think I'm going to treat I as just a non date for now, maybe see what happens. I am usually gutsy, gutsy as hell! but this guy I really like and even if he doesn't like me back I don't want to wreck our friendship, so I think I'm just gonna play it cool like you said and then it will be a pleasant surprise :D !!