Please Help Me If You Can.

My husband had a brief affair, that is a whole other topic to be dealt with separately.  The topic for here is that the woman he was with is now friends with my husbands ex-wife.  My step children now refer to her as Auntie and I hear about her.  I cannot live the rest of my life with this woman involved in my life.  I can barely cope with the affair at all, but certainly not when she is playing a role in my life still.

The ex-wife has tried a few times to rub in my face without coming right out and saying it, that she knows about the affair.  It is all so very hurtful.  She has gone as far as trying to get us all at the same place at the same time.

Why would the 'other woman' become friends with people we are connected to and why does she want to stay involved in our lives?  My only answer is that she is trying to inflict pain or that she still has feelings for my husband.

Either way.  I cannot and will not live the rest of my life in a marriage that has anything at all to do with her.


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Okay I might be young but even I know that us women... are extremely sneaky. And while this isnt the mature thing to do.. be sneaky back. His ex-wife is rubbing it in your face? Rub it in her face that shes his EX-wife. As for the other women. I don't know.. get a best friend to tag along. Or go on the Jerry Springer show. You get to finally tell them off AND you entertain college students who need a break and distraction from their student loans. You know the old saying.. One for you, one for them. This might be the most childish advice I've ever given but why not?

I originally wrote this in Feb 2009. Here is it Dec 2010 and I am back on this site after a long long time away.<br />
But the funny (or not so funny) thing is that this situation still exists but only worse.<br />
The woman my husband had an affair with is now best friends with my husbands ex-wife!!<br />
She is more and more involved with me all the time and I cannot seem to stop it.