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I don't think my husband loves me. He almost let me bleed to death. I was having a miscarriage with what would have been our third child and he did not seem to care about the loss of the baby he even seemed kind of happy. Then after finding out that the baby was no longer alive I woke in the middle of the night soaked in blood. I changed put a diaper on and woke my husband. He saw that I was gushing blood and refused to take me to the hospital. I told him I thought I was going to bleed to death and he started screaming at me as I was balling. He screamed at me for almost an hour and then went back to sleep. I waited and cried for 4.5 hours for him to take me to the hospital. Finally it was time to leave for my pre op for a D&C. As I tried to walk to the car to go to the hospital I got extremely dizzy and lost my eyesight. I collapsed and and my husband was unable to wake me for sometime. I came to on the way to the hospital and he rushed me there as fast as he could. Throughout all of this he did not cry. He seemed nervous but I would be too if I almost let someone die let alone my spouse. After I was in the ER for an hour he left and went home to make phone calls. My home was 40 min away. I don't see why he didn't use a pay phone nearby or get a calling card? I would think if you almost lost someone you love you would be devastated? Why wasn't he. Did he want me to die. Does he not love me? Is he having an affair? I am so lost, and I feel so unloved. Please tell what you think all this means.

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Maybe he was in shock when he realise that u nearly died, and he went home to sort his feelings out! he might of cried all the way home! And if he was having a fling, this expeirence would make him wake up to the hurt it would corse u! Find out why he's been emotionally unavailable to you! And focus on getting ur self well again!

This is a hard story to comment on. Do you leave, do you not? Only you can do what you think is BEST for you and you kids. Best of luck!!!!!