Ex Wants My Land

After seven years of marriage, my husband divorced me coz I had a breakdown, he went back to his native  home for a few weeks on a so called business trip! and arrived by on xmass eve to inform me he had met some one else!  I did cry and begged him not to go that I would get well again!  well, he still left to be with someone else! I let him stay in the house over xmass coz I did not want him spending this special time alone, and beside the kids where only 2 and 4 years old, so they need to see daddy on xmas day!  Anyway to cut long story short, He decided to take them off me when they were 6 and eight years old! on the grounds i had bi-pola, which did not affect the up bring of my children! then he kept the children away from me for two years, then sent my daughter home with papers for me to sign stating he could have the house, which I did, then the next day he said she had to go back home that week, which was 3 weeks earlier that her flight! Now he is demanding I sign the land over to him, and am not sure what to do!  I did not take anything of him, he got the car the house andt the kids! please help

notyetdead notyetdead
31-35, F
Feb 23, 2009