Plain and simple question...should I text him?
It's been 3 days since we last did. He texted first the last time...just casually talking in the evening but no further moves to see each other again. This is the part that sucks because I want to play coy / not so easy to get, but at the same time I want him to know I'm interested. So...should I text him? Is the ball in my court?
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3 Responses Aug 15, 2014

Yeah, feel free to text him. Heck, ask him to hang out. Sounds to me like the ball is in your court

It depends .. Are you two dating, or are you just interested in him ? To be honest, I rarely ever text a guy first. But it depends on the situation, for me

We've been on 3 dates or so

I used to be similar to you...never texting first....but I think there's a good balance to be achieved

You can text him! Boys like when girls text them first. As Long as you don't text him first all the time. Don't think about it to much. Just do what you feel.