I moved in with my Dad, Stepmother and Stepsister a little over a year ago.

There's loads of issues attached to this situation but the main reason I am here is to ask for advice about my Stepmother.

We clash constantly, annoy each other and really and truly just can't seem to get along anymore.

Most days there will be something that she says or does, or something that I say or do that will annoy either one of us. We can't agree on anything, nothing at all. If I said that Jeffrey Dahmer was a D*******d she would try and defend him and justify what he did... I dunno whether that it her personality or what but I think we're both at such a loss.

We can't confront one another face to face because it just escalates and I think emotions run too high or something so I'm wondering if I should write a letter to her? I know it seems a bit impersonal but I figure that if I write her a letter I can get it all down without either of us verbally throwing stuff at each other.

I didn't know my Dad for the past 16 years and so we are all getting to know each other and of course there are bumps in the road but it's gotten so bad that I am currently doing a 'speak if you're spoken to' thing and I didn't even reply to her when she gave out to me yesterday... something I am so proud of because I could feel some serious anger bubbling up and wanting to erupt by means of all the ways that she and everyone else in this house has hurt me.

I know that whenever we have a disagreement she goes to my Dad and gets her side in first and I have nobody to talk to about her because the three of them just defend each other to the last and I really think it's them against me. I also started the don't speak thing because I reckon that if I don't say anything and just walk away when she is finished then she doesn't get a chance to paint me as the bad guy...

So anyway, as I said there is so much hurt and annoyance just bubbling up so should I write her a letter or not?

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I'd go back to mom if possible or grandparents or aunts