My friend's son (he was 21 at the time) asked if he could live with me three years ago. His parents divorced and moved far from his old home and friends. He's a good guy (a bit lazy sometimes) who's had a rough life so I said yes. He promised to pay $300 dollars a month rent and did for awhile till he lost his job. He has had several jobs since but always loses them and I end up with no rent (I can really use the money). He started dating this nice girl 2 years ago and asked if she could move in with us because her family wasn't there for her. I reluctantly said yes because they lead me to believe it was temporary. (It's been 2 years). I love them both but they stay up all night playing video games and using my electricity (my bill's huge) and pay whatever rent they can but they are taking advantage of my good nature. They truly have nowhere else to go (their families won't take them in) and I feel bad for them. They've had so many problems in life and I just want to help them but I am going broke. Everytime I talk about them leaving they throw a guilt trip and I back down. I'm tired of being a doormat.
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You should straight up tell them this is how it's going down. W.e your rules are it's your house right? Ok. If there threatening. I really don't know what to say but until you stand up for yourself you will ways be a doormat. Get someone to help you for moral support. Like a younger cousin because they are obviously not listening to you must have been nice & forgiving for so long that they think w.e they want to do is ok but it's not.
So my suggestion is get someone younger not to young someone like maybe a male cousin who can hold their ground & tell both of them that this is it I'm tired of you taking advantage if you don't start helping your going to leave. I'm tired excuses hope this situation passes it sounds really difficult but nobody should be taking crap in their own home I'm not saying move but do it takes to get your living arrangement to where you want it.

It's your house and you lay down the rules, you just have to be stern with them no matter how much you love them because of you can't pay your bills because of them then you suffer too. It's either they follow the rules or they have to go.