People talk about me all the time. And it never really bothered me. But I got this app called where people anonomously ask you questions and instead of a question someone sent me this:And seeing that actually made me cry which is stupid. Its really mean but partly true and it just sucks that someone thinks that badly of me. I can take being called a s-lut but thats a little worse since the girls who call me a sl-ut are jelous virgins. I just dont know how to get over this which is stupid. That stuff was personal stuff. Everyone knows my best friends are Tazzie and Mookie but to say I used them to seem cool is mean. And the dad stuff. I tried to brush it off but I feel so horrible I dont wanna get out of bed
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The app sounds frustrating since you never know what is from who and also seems like a huge way to put yourself out there and setting yourself up to get hurt. People are mean and will use that app to anonymously bully you. Delete the app. And a good rule of thumb for the app and anything else in your life : if something is causing you more hurt than happiness, leave delete or walk away from it. This goes for friends, apps, boyfriends. Anything. Also keep this in mind. Hurting people hurt people. Whoever said that to you has problems of their own and instead of dealing with them they hurt other people to try to make themselves feel better.

My advice is to get rid of It only brings pain.

you should copy this and send it to your school admins office or better yet.. the police for cyber bullying!! ugh this ****** me off!

ugh.. I missed read it.. I thought the pic was of the person/s posting the reply. My bad...
I hate this ASK app.... I have seen it before and just saw a bunch of really mean abusive replies... just not worth it.

Tbh it's always gonna be like that but having that app is basically feeding the people that talk
Get rid of that app.
No problem.

Alot of people blame the bully's and I blame them too, but it's also bout the person with the account. It's not a requirement, get rid of it

Cyberbullying is a crime. don't be a victim, report it. her is a link I hope it helps. Good Luck

Hi, how are you? I am sorry that those guys were mean to you. Why do you say that you are a ****? Feel free to chat, and I chat about anything. I have never done that to any girl.

delete that damn ASK! it is filled with mean ******** who aim to hurt, bully and abuse. They are immature ******** who use social media to try and be cool.. but really they are just nasty fucktards.
Ignore them... dont waste time crying... delete the app... and move forward. Im sorry... hugs