I know this guy from a show I do every year. We're flirty friends and he's really nice and funny when we're at rehearsals but when he texts me it's always really dirty and he keeps asking for naked pics which I don't want to give him coz I don't feel I'm ready for that, I mean I've never even been kissed for gods sake! I have to see him more this year because we both have main parts when as last year I was in the chorus so we didn't have many rehearsals together. I don't want to lose him because I love him as a friend but I guess I'm just nervous about seeing him again after only talking through text...
Any advice is appreciated :)
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2 Responses Aug 18, 2014

Have you told him you are uncomfortable with this? I suggest being direct with him, not giving him any false hope with "maybe later." Being clear and telling him your honest feelings helps- Maybe something along the lines of "(his name), i really like you as a friend, but i don't feel comfortable with the way you are acting towards me with dirty texts and I do not want to send you any naked pictures of myself. This is nothing against you, i just personally don't want to do it, it wouldn't feel right." If he persists, end the conversation, stop replying. He'll hopefully get the message after that.

just give excuses and eventually I think he'll get the memo