How can I tell if I'm not making a story up in my head or if he's really not interested?
Am I being dramatic?! It's been 3 days since we spoke at all. A week since we saw each other. I can't help but think he isn't interested, because he hasn't made effort to see me again. I can't help but feel let down. But then again, is it all in my head?
It's all I think about now. And it's driving me mad.
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There are so many factors involved to be able to give you advice. Not seeing each other for a week isn't a huge deal. I live with someone and we really only see each other on our days off. If you guys usually talk everyday and now aren't then I would question it. Don't forget though that men can be clueless. They can also be just as insecure as we are, not knowing if they should play hard to get and so on.

Oh, well we are fairly new to seeing eachother. Only known him for about a month or less now. Been on 3-4 dates....still trying to figure it out. I just had hope that it could work out so now that he isn't texting me I'm of course thinking he's done with me ~ insecurities!

Don't stress it just yet. The relationship is still so new so he may not feel that he needs to check in with you everyday. When you do talk to him see if he offers any explanation to what he has been up to. As you get to know each other more I would hint at things like wanting to hear from your boyfriend daily if only for a good morning text. You don't want to seem clingy but it's ok to let him know you were concerned.

I know, it really is so early to tell. Do you think it's okay for me to text him / ask him to hangout again?

Just call him. Listen to how he reacts to what you say, I think that has more weight than timespans between calls/meets.