Over a year now l have been separated from my ex of 2hlf yrs together.we also have a 1year old son together thru the r/ship he propose to me and I said yes I do.i don't see us ever getting back together.i still have the ingagement ring I feel as thou I can't let it go yet.havent had sex with any other men feels like it's stoping me like I can't let it go.
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You still have feelings for him but is that enough to get married and live with a person you dont hang out anymore. Further his feelings for you is another question whether he still loves you and have feelings, Is he willing to get back to you and start a life or is he looking for other options? If he doesnt have feelings for you and just consider and care for you as the mother of his son than you should dump the idea of getting back together. Take some time off and go somewhere nice and quite and spend sometime with your self, date someone maybe its the feeling to be loved, cared, touched and looked after that you are missing. Use all your options before going back or even asking your ex to get back.

Thank for ur answer it all makes sense :))

You are welcome dear!