so i got a girlfriend. Could i get some ideas for things to do on a date that she would like that are also not super costly like the movies XD
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Picnic? Picnics are good and cute either in the park one evening (take blankets) or on the beach. Just make sure she's comfortable:)

It really depends on the woman. Some are fine just going for a walk and hanging out. Some what a more traditional date with dinner and an activity. You should talk to be and see what her expectations are. Mini Golf is good, We have an boardwalk arcade near where I live so ice cream cones and air hockey is great.

Go mini golfing that's what me and my boyfriend like doing. Also, picnics, just hanging out somewhere like one of your houses. It's hard because if you really want a date date it'll cost some money. Anyways you could just enjoy each other's company. Doesn't always have to be a serious date. Of course it depends on her, and if she's one f those girls that considers actually going somewhere and doing something as a date.