I'm 15, I like this senior. (I've posted about this before) Today I got this book, its about a 15 yo girl who falls for a 21 yo old guy she works with. He helps her with school (like my crush does for me) He is going to school for sociology (like my crush wants to) The guys I like, is sweet, adorable, and he tells me the truth, he doesn't sugar coat anything, which I love. I don't know what to do. He says he likes me (I don't know if he does anymore, I havent talked to him about it) but I know nothing will ever happen... but I can't help but fall for him. What should I do???
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Well if u have sex it would be considered a rape cus of some stupid ****** reason. So I guess u can wait it out but by that time he would have dated at least one girl an u don't want to risk him falling in "love" and stop predicting ur future with books. Books can teach us great lessons but a lot of them authors write for money and fame.

Ur way too young. If someone that much older than you likes you he obviously can't get someone his age so he must be a loser

He's actually not a loser. Your probably trying to comfort me but. He isn't a loser at all.

Ok I was just trying to help u out

age 15 to a Senior... is at most 3 years age difference dear. Not so big a gap. Take your time and build that friendship darling... That is key to a lasting relationship. Plus your both young enough you have plenty of time before you have to commit to a more permanent situation.

Why won't anything happen? If you both like each other then go for it.

He doesn't want to. He says its too much of an age difference. (Only a year and 3 months) i feel he doesn't want to be the loser dating a sophomore.

When I was a freshman I dated a senior. It was fine. Like many high school relationships it didn't last long but age wasn't the issue.