Okay so I Have To Come Up With 1000 Dollars by Monday and No bank will give me a loan because I have no credit history I need some advise or ideas on how I can come up with 1000 in two days most things I've tried turn me down because of my lack of credit history please help me figure out a way too come up with the money all advise is appreciated
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Go to the pawn shop sell your smartphone and other luxuries then pay your dept and when you have more money you can go back and buy your stuff (if it hasn't been sold already) :)

I've sold every valuable thing I own

How are you in dept ???!! Do you have a job?

I do have a job I just started about 3 weeks ago

I dont know then ??

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Either a friend loans you or a bank. Otherwise, I am sorry but it doubt you can raise fact kind of money quickly in an honorable way.

I don't really have friends in the position to loan tha kind of money

I really can't think of any way you can earn that money in a week really... Unless you sell your body but I am against that.

I could never sell my body I am very much against that also

Is there a reason why you need such a thing in a short time? You did something?

Yes long story short me and my daughter are on the verge of being homeless

Hope not. I hope a miracle comes by your way and helps you and your daughter.

Thank you me too god bless

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