I Want to Die. I Need Advice

i am in school. my grades are slipping dramatically, i am pregnant and my mom doesnt know it shows how much she pays attention, my dad is locked up so its not like i can go talk to him really. my babys father i love him so much we have only been together a year and some months. we broke up on valentines day because of something dumb he says he doesnt love me anymore. im snapping on people around me my teachers are contacting my mother. i dont believe in abortions so im not going to have one. can she force me to have one? im scared she mite idk im so confused.i have been tryin in school but so much is on my mind, like will i have to drop out? will i be alone raising my baby on my own? i am a good person so i will die trying. lately tears have been coming constantly just like my problems. i need advice

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I would love to talk to you, outside of this website...just because we are really close in age and i would love to be there for you. but anyways, no. your mom cannot make you get an abortion by law... its your own body. your grades are something you can always boost up, but you have to really put your mind to it. i just passed this year by a few points but i promise that you can do it. staying after school or even talking to your teachers about your lack of understanding can really help. I'm sorry that your dad is locked up, but its something you're going to have to be strong enough to overcome. i don't understand how your mom doesn't know you're pregnant...that's crazy lmao...but honestly, that's something you'll need to tell her. maybe wait until you're showing a little more because you're not allowed to get an abortion after about 3 months i believe. You're not going to have to drop out of high school, as long as you have help from other people, but high school will become a lot harder.
Picking up your grades is so important, so please try. also, tell your mom. i know you're scared but your mom is your best friend in life, no matter how ****** she might treat you, and you're going to really need her. you're not going to raise the baby alone, hopefully your mom will help and the baby's father will be forced to help by the law. try to tell him and see how he reacts. just don't give up. i hope you have twitter or instagram or something so we can talk more, because i feel horrible and would love to help.

I am 40 yrs old and still have trouble talking to my mom. So I understand especially in a situation like this. Unfortunatly, there is no one else you can turn to. Talk to your mom and if school is too hard, try getting your GED and you can always take online classes at a community college after that. Since you will be a single mom you will get all for free. Anytime you are feeling sad post here. Someone will always make you feel a little better. Good luck.

Honey, confide in your mum. Tell her about the pregnancy. Don't carry this burden alone. She may be shocked and hurt initially, angry, perhaps, but she will get over it....and quicker than you think. A mother loves a child unconditionally. She will not turn her back on you. She will eventually find out anyway. Tell her now. Once she is over the hurt and disappointment and accepts the pregnancy she will be more open to support and help you, and she will grow to love her grandchild even before it is born. this will create an opportunity for the two of you to form a "special bond". Your relationship will go from being mother/daughter to being best friends!! This happened with me and my daughter many years ago. She too was afraid to tell me, but trusted the fact that i loved her enough to forgive her and accept the pregnancy. I am so happy and proud of her decision to tell me. I immediately grew to love this unborn child, and so will your mother.<br />
Love and light to you, little one!!!

If you think school is a place that you will grow and get an education by all means stay there but if its not the place for you and you dread having to go there and be there for 8 hours the GED test really isnt that hard (I just took it) Screw what everyone thinks its what makes you happy that counts. Dont stick around with a boy firend that wont treat you like the queen you deserve to be treated like its not worth wasting your time (I know this because I just got rid of one of those) As far as keeping the baby I would honestly sit down and think about it having a baby changes EVERYTHING (mine is 19 months) Dont get me wrong I love my little man to death but I think if I got a do over for my life I would wait on becoming a partent its not only hard work but devotion and not caring about you only them. Right now my shoes are talking to me but with the money I have I went and bought diapers and a potty :D you have to realize what happens when you become momma... Your friends will eventually abandon you because you cant go out and play with them all night and go partying. I will get down off my soap box now and leave you with this, no one can make you do anything except for yourself and know that there are people that you can talk to and if you dont feel comfortable telling your mom to her face do it in an email but know that you will have to tell her eventually...

I must agree with 42counsils about trying to talk to your parents. They know you and love you...even if times get a bit hard after telling them,they will try to help you. There is NOBODY that can forse you to take an abortion...this is your baby and your life..but think carefully about how things are going to be and you should try to talk to the babys father. Even if its just to see where he is standing in your babys future...I am sending you lots of love and hope you will be strong and look upon this as a brick that is building your life...

this is just one of lifes tests in trust and honesty no one can make anyone do anything unless you allow them.<br />
You have taken a giant step into adult life trust in yourself and most of all put a little bit of faith in your parents to help you.<br />
this is my advice take it or not but trust me your not alone and help is out there if you really want it......<br />
good luck.

i dont trust the guidance counselor why would i call the kids help whatever. what are they going to do?

talk to your guidance councilor or call kids help phone