I Really Need Advice About This Guy...

I've written about him before, but not gotten much response.  What I want to know is, should I be blunt and just say that I have a personal question to ask him?  I need to know if our relationship 9 years ago meant anything to him because sometimes he acts like it does, and sometimes he doesn't.  Should I also be so blunt as to tell him that I was in love with him back then and haven't gotten over him?  He's got a girlfriend now, blah blah blah...  I need to know the answers to these questions. 

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No, don't send a letter. He's moved on, he has a girlfriend. It would be wrong of you to interfere with that. If, at any point, he is single, then you could try to rekindle what you had. However, now is not the time, and you shouldn't count on the opportunity arising.

move on, Drop it, and I think it was nothing that you two went through. The only thing it ment was being around you, Getting your response. Nothing serious okay. It was casual..

I think it would have meant something to him, but now is not the time to be asking, if he has a girlfriend he has obviously moved on and you would only make things awkward

Ofcource it probably meant something to him but maybe he has already moved on

His stupid he a jerk just forget it he will come crying and it will be to late

Iisten babe he's not worth it. You'll find someone better

Move on for crying out loud if he cared he would have never let you fade out of his life.

What happened 9 years ago , happened in the past and should be kept there , time for knew experiences with new people ...............so stop wasting time ..

Awkward, if you feel so compelled to tell him you should address his girlfriend as well. It is the only honest solution, otherwise you are asking him to be unfaithful if he does have feelings or to leave the person he may be dedicated to for reasons you don’t know. My opinion would be to stay out of it till he is single and let fate decide, if you really do want him back it would be best to not meddle in his personal life until there is no one else involved; Unless of course the other person is abusive, then by all means… meddle away.

I think you should give it a rest.. no point in telling him how much you felt for him then..

You'll never know until you ask. If you do not ask you will forever be haunted with wonder...

I told him and he basically said it was too late. But it's okay, I'm over it and on to bigger and better things. No problems!<br />
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If he means something to you I say go for it. Tell him. If he feels the same you'll be great together and if he doesn't then I'm sure you'll find someone else, for sure.

Sounds like he could be playing with you. Why would he be with her, and send you mixed signals? I think that you should tell him, so that you can get some answers for once and all, otherwise you'd regret keeping your silence - imagine all the what ifs that would spring up!

But we didn't break up in the first place. I got sick and needed hospitalization, and we just kind of faded away... don't know if that makes any difference.

id keep well away,you cant win,think why you broke up in the first place...and if he leaves her for you its only a matter of time before you find yourself sat crying and hes got a better offer..plenty mor fish in the sea xx

you know I don't know how long they have been going out or whatever. I just know that I have feelings for him.<br />
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