I have a crush and I am shy to tell him shold I tell mim? help
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Do you have a crush on someone and you haven’t gotten around to telling them that you like them? How to tell your crush you like them.

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You have to first get a little close to him you cant just randomly tell him

My personal way of doing these things is waiting until the last moment. that way if he likes you he cant stop thinking about you until you meet again. if he dosent, he forgets by the next time the two of you meet.

Go tell him. If it's easier for you to show him then do that. Hopefully things work out. Good Luck :)

Yes, you should tell him :)

I've had the same problem for a long time still scared to tell him even though I really want to.

Tell him. Its better too open up & take a chance rather then keeping quiet & missing that oppurtunity.

Go for it:) don't let time pass by take risk be happy if he might want you to you never know

Don't tell him...Show him...

I felt the exact same before and I just hung around, too scared to talk or tell him how I felt... I waited too long and before I knew it he actually left my school and moved to england. Everyday I regret just waiting by his locker and wishing... don't wait and wait just do something! Let him know! The sooner the better! Start by giving hints that you like him (:

I've always been shy at telling guys that i like them.. What i do is try to find clues that the guy could be interested in me and then i think of how i'm going to tell him how i feel.. I think the first thing you should do if your not already is try to become the person's friend so you can get to know their personality and know if you like their personality.. Then once you've been friends for a while you should mention that you like them as more than just a friend.. You only live once and for all you know the person could like you too and just bee too afraid to tell you..

I have a crush to and I told him , now stuff are a bit complicated but he knows it! And I think you should do the same thing. Goodluck with that

it's really up to you and what you think is best. if you think that telling him would make a big difference then go for it.

here is the reason why I am so scared to tell him he has a crush on someone els

here is a question: would you rather take the risk of being rejected or take the risk of his liking you and your never knowing that it could have happened? would it be worse to ask and be rejected, or to not ask and miss out on a relationship that could be meaningful?<br />
<br />
if you can answer that, maybe you can decide what to do.

I have been trying to get the cureg up but I have been scared of being rejected

Well, if you don't tell him, nobody else will! Go ahead, Tell him how you feel. The worst that can happen is he'll reject you. And so what? So then you'll move on with no regrets. I can tell you that to try and fail is less painful than to never try and always wonder "What if?"

I agree with jarodkintz too. The worst that can happen is to be rejected, but it's better to have tried and not tried at all. Plus there's also the possilbity that someone else likes him too. So, face your fears for love! :)
Rejection isn't easy, but you don't want to continue on with life regretting not have done anything. :D

I am trying to get the coureg up to tell him and you are all ways wellcome to talk to me


I implore you, tell the world how you feel as clearly as you can, and with as much vigor and as loudly as you can imagine, while you still feel things that make you feel alive.<br />
<br />
You don't know if someday you will turn up and not be able to experiance warm emotions anymore. Revel in them while you have them.

ya I will