Stay Or Go?

My loving boyfriend and I have been going out for well over a year now. He and I live separately in a college town- me off campus and him on campus. Lately, he has been busy at work to pay off bills since he was off for 2 weeks being sick. It showing the first signs of spring, this coming weekend we planned on camping together, like we have in the past when it was nicer out. We haven't done much more than snuggle and watch movies, work on his truck (yes, I am a female mechanic :)  ), and eat out once in a while all winter and I was REALLY looking forward to spending some quality time with him on his two days off. However, last night, after getting off work late, he called saying his good friend is coming in town over the weekend to visit. We have no trust issues, mind you. We both have wonderful friends of the opposite sex. Her telling him she was going to be in town he invited her to go camping with the two of us this coming Saturday. I don't mind that they are spending time together this weekend, I'm just upset because he invited her without asking me first. Camping with my boyfriend and his female friend while they catch up in conversation doesn't seem the thing for me. I told him I didn't want to get in the way of them catching up, being socially awkward for all of us, and suggested they go without me. I didn't want to over react and told him we'd talk about it more tomorrow (since he is at his 2nd job this evening until late).

My brother, who lives with me off campus, is driving back to our parents house tomorrow for Spring Break. I'm debating whether I should go home and visit family and take myself away from this situation OR should I go hiking/camping with my boyfriend and his friend? What would you do in my situation?

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how did this play out?

i know you have wrote this a while ago but would like to make a comment here anyway,, if i was in your situation i would just go with your boyfriend and the friend since you seem to have a good frienship with him so it really would not matter who else was there with the two of you since you would be spending time with him anyway just probably not sexual time but sex is not everything just spending time with a person is nice to !!! i am curious as to what you actually did as this was a year ago and will ask you in a p/m sent ! if you dont mind.... ?

oh wow you are very mature about this. and its good that you trust your boyfriend. And since you said you two have wonderful friends, I would say go and enjoy yourself with the both of them. He never said he wanted to be just with her to catch up or anything. And since it seems like you hardly get to see him, I say take any chance that you can, don't let another person get in the way of that. <br />
But if you're gonna have negative thoughts throughout the entire trip, causing you to not have fun, then it may be best to go spend some time with the family