Who Do I Choose Friend Or Boyfriend?

I need help!! It's my boyfriends birthday this Saturday but then it's also my best friends baby shower. My boyfriend doesn't want to attend a baby shower on his birthday and wants to celebrate it with me the while day but my friend wants me there with the rest of our friends. What should I do
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6 Responses Mar 10, 2010

Wow, that is a strange time for a shower. When I think shower, I think bright sunny daytime event full of pastel colors. Yeah, it is kind of unfair to your boyfriend and it is a special birthday for him which makes it understandable. That makes it really hard to choose. Maybe you could help you friend set up for the shower to spend some time with her, give her your baby present, and then go with your boyfriend? God that is a conflicted thing.

That's a crazy time to have a shower. I still feel you need to go but I can understand your boyfriend's reasoning a lot better now. Who has showers at 10:00 pm at night?

Kind of an unreasonable hour for a shower. I think I would have to decline the shower.

I agree with finder. Your girlfriend would be so disappointed if you didn't attend her special day because of your boyfriend's birthday. <br />
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What's up with your boyfriend? His behavior seems a bit immature to me. Why would he ever want to keep you from being at a friend's shower?<br />
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We always celebrate birthdays not on the actual date to accommodate all our busy schedules. No one thinks twice about it. If a birthday falls in the middle of the week, we'll wait until the weekend to celebrate it. <br />
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I think a little red flag is being waived. Watch you boyfriend's inability to share you with others. It could be a problem.

I agree with Finder. Bff during the day and Bf at night

/go to the shower in the afternoon and with your boyfriend at night. Its not really fair to ditch either of them, but if you must choose, your best friend is only going to have this baby one time. Your boyfriend will have a birthday every year forever.