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my husband and i are getting a divorce. he has no credit and has ruined mine. what i am getting to is that his grandfather has the credit, who is the first signer, myself-who still has a little credit, and my husband, who makes all the money. will i be responsible for the amount owed on our trailer if his grandfather files bankruptcy? i am a stay at home mom with 2 very small childred and no job.

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I agree with grayeyeskb, you don't have a job so you can get a county attorney to help you out. Other options you will want to consider which work for many women in your case is to find a career plan and get back to school. You can apply for grants, loans and get on your own two feet and most likely find your own housing with that . It's just an idea and definitely good for your children's well being.

I think that depends on the state laws where you live. It would seem that if the trailer is in his grandfathers name. It would have to be sold to settle the debts. If I were you, I'd contact an attorney. There are a lot of variables in these situations.