I need some advise. I recently broke up with my finance. I was with him for 5years. Now a family friend has come to me and said that he is in love with me. He was my first boyfriend and my first kiss when i was younger, so i've always had a bit of a crush on him. I have told him twice to back off and that i need space and time because i'm not over my ex yet (after 5years together and 2months apart its gonna take a little longer!!) i told him that i'm happy to hang out and spend time together but thats all i want.

He keeps tickling me and hugging me and trying to kiss me. I avoid the kisses but the tickling drives me insane!! when we go out with our mates if another guy askes me to dance he comes over and puts his arm around me and is like shes mine and i feel like turning around ans saying we're not gonig out back off and leave me alone!!

i dont want to break his heart. i'm just starting to stand on my own two feet after battling depression for the last 6years. i need some space. i need time to find out who i am and what i want to do and where i want to be in the future.

i dont know how to get him to back off with out telling him where to go. i dont call him, he calls me, i dont message him back, he talks to me on msn, he messages me on myspace all the time. i dont let him kiss me, i try and get away from his hugs. its not that he's a bad guy its just i need space and time to figure stuff out. I dont want to send him the wrong message. i know that he's got his hopes up already but its not a good thing. i dont think i could have a relationship with him. we're to good a friends for anything like that to happen. it would be weird if we broke up coz our parents are like best friends.

i also want to go out and meet new people. i've known him my whole life. i wanna meet someone new. i want to meet new friends.

i just dont know what to do. i dont want to hurt him but at the same time i dont really want to be with him....


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If the two of you have been friends for that long, you should be able to be honest with him about your feelings. And if he really cares anything about you, then he will respect your feelings and try to be understanding about what your going through, as well as respect you for your honesty.<br />
Good luck!

try telling him you don't want some as special as he is to be a "rebound" guy - you value him way to much for that. whether its true or not - that's something that a guy can get. Good luck. I sure hope this works out for you!