I have been in a relationship with a man for almost a year and a half. I love him, but part of that love came from how he would show me affection & make me feel loved (and wanted)... And those demonstrations have become practically non-existent. I'm not clingy, but I am one of those women that needs those things, especially if I've been getting them & they're suddenly taken away for no reason. (I have asked about the change numerous times only to get the same "I dunno" answer as to why.) Since I'm a bisexual woman, I've even asked if I need to find a girlfriend to get my affection needs met... He says no, he'll do better, but he doesn't.

As I've said, I love him, but his lack of affection is making me question if I'm still IN love with him or if he's pushed to the point of platonic love.
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The only way that you will know is to be out-right, up-front with him and ask.

Let me know if I can help with this. ;)

My wife is the same way. Only I've been married almost 25 years. The sex and affection have been dwindling for more than 15 years. She doesn't cuddle anymore. Sex is almost non-existent. Forget me receiving oral sex. It got so bad I found a gf but that's over. I would like to find a married woman in our situation that wants a partner to have sex with and cuddle with but doesn't want out of her relationship with her husband. Just the two of us getting together to fulfill the needs and desires we aren't getting at home. Please add me as your friend.

Sex and intimacy are very important to a healthy relationship. When the intimacy fails in a relationship it tends to be a symptom of a greater problem. I was in a relationship like that and I saw how painful it can be. Sex should never be used to control or punish a partner. If you ever need to talk or want to chat drop me a message.