I Am Absorbing It All! I Love To Get Answers To My Questions.

I was just exploring this site, and soaking up some of the info. I began my first ever blog here, have shared secrets, placed my family skeletons in view for all to see, asked some questions, answered some, joined a few groups... Mostly I have begun to have a deep desire to explore the minds and thoughts of the club members, all of them!
I am currently asking so many varied questions, some related, most random, and getting loads of responces! This is becoming the best self-esteem builder ever! I have found a place to share of myself, life, anything. I can feel like some one is listening and actually wanting to reply!  (just like a conversation) It is almost like being the center of attention, (I think)!  I have been extremly lonely for many years, since becoming disabled, out of work, physically and emotionally isolated, shut in, no vehicle... on and on. I have tried a few online places to try and find friends, mostly they seem to be only sex or religion, neither what I am looking for.
I think it is a basic human need to have companions, family, friends, someone who cares and would notice if you died, (hopefully before you stink too bad). I recently spoke with a person on phone, who had a very caring and kind way about her- I instantly bonded very tightly with her. She has been the only person I have been in contact with, who acted like they cared, in many years!
I have been through so many very bad and devestating, life altering situations in my life, early 50's, and now shut off from society... this lady is very important to me.  I have missed being the social person I used to be, as much as I could around MADD with panic attacs. Once I was comfortable with fellow employees, and customers, I was always liked and had associates around. I was almost a social butterfly- very limitted, due to my mental health- but certainly not prepared for the isolation of the last 9 years!
I look forward to every tid bit coming my way and am compulsed to seek the answer to constant questions! I do hope to not become a pain in the butt... There are enough people here, that shouldn't happen, I hope!
I am hoping to become friends with likeminded folks and debaters... to idle away the days in conversations and learn something new each day, as this is my moto.
I plan to be here a lot, but, fair warning... sometimes I get sick and dissapear for days even weeks. I hope to assure this is only temporary when happening, but one never knows?!

Jump into any logs or postings and grab me for a friend if you are interested. I would like to find east coast, Canadian and northern states buddies, so we might actually meet some day in our travels... but... I also want to converse with people from all over the globe! Don't be shy- that's my place!
TheLadySyn TheLadySyn
51-55, F
1 Response Dec 29, 2010

I am a woman in my middle 60's and would treasure you as a friend. I live in southern Ontario. Near Lake Ontario. I haven't had any physical disabilities, but have suffered emotional disorders for a long time. I have found that sharing my feelings here has been a valuable asset. I just got my first computer in August, and now I am wondering how I ever got along without this social networking tool. It is a lifeline to me. I am still working (nearly) full time and love what I do. I absolutely love my clients(Iam a cleaning lady with 12 private clients, one for whom I have been working for 25 years and some for whom I have been working for over 15 years, the rest are more recent acquisitions. A couple for 10 years and on down to one I have had for just 4 months. I sincerely hope to NEVER retire. If I can stay healthy enough to work till I drop, that will be fine with me. It is what keeps me going. <br />
<br />
I have a largish family, and totally love having them in my life, especially the great grandchildren, but my work is what keeps me getting out of the house. I wouldn't want to ever be out of work. I would be honoured if you wished to add me to your circle of friends.