Get Bitchy When I Don't Get It.

I stay at home, so when my family goes to work and school, that is sacred time for me.  I absolutely hate weekends, I love my family but when we're all here at the same time, ugh!  To me, the worst feeling ever is when its a weekday morning and I'm sleeping soundly, all of the sudden a noise within the house wakes me, alerting me that someone did not go to work or school that day.  That means I can't sleep as long as I want, or use the internet as long as I want, or whatever I do when no one is here.  I hate it.  I really really need my alone time.  It is detremental to my mood.  This morning I was sleeping good.  But not only did I wake up to a sore throat, I woke up to the sound of noises coming from the other part of the house.  I was livid.  It's monday.  Everyone hates mondays, including me.  So I really look forward to having mondays to myself after a long weekend of sharing this internet card, getting woke up earlier than I'd like and you name it.  I did not leave my room for hours, until just now and found out it was my mom that was here.  She stayed home for my brother's parent/teacher.  That's not a big deal, but it seems every single week its someone.  Sometimes its two people in one week.  I just like to be able to relax.



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Feb 16, 2009