Whispering in each other's ear, feeling your breath on my neck, a kiss here a nibble there, gentle soft touches of the arms....two bodies tingling inside and out, goose bumps rising. I look you up and down checking out your sexy desirable body. Your hands gliding up my arms to my chest. We stare at each other's eyes, our moist lips meet. My strong arms wrapped around your waist pull you tight into me as our kiss becomes more passionate. Your hands move behind my head keeping our lips locked. You start to understand how much I want you as I get aroused more and more, tightly pressed against your gorgeous body. My hands grip the bottom of your shirt as I slowly start to pull it up gliding my hands over your soft skin as I go.... The overwhelming rush of excitement of what is about to happen next...
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(Sigh) it's been a while..:) how are u?

I'm good..:) thanks