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Hey, I am an 19 year old girl, straight, and in desperate need of social interaction. I don't want ANYTHING sexual, perverted, etc. That includes no dirty pictures or talk. I currently moved to a new town and am in a situation where I have no one to talk to or meet. I would like to meet people from different places and learn about them and experiences etc. So, if you are interested :
rain2sunshine rain2sunshine
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 11, 2012

Hi, In some ways were alike. I'm a male 61 yr old widowed living by myself. I would love to have someone to talk to about life. I'm disabled so my days are limited to working in the garden and playing on the computer. Being in a wheelchair makes it hard to get out an socialize with people, especialy women. Some times I wish I just had a friend i could go to dinner or a movie with, but most people get turn off by the wheelchair. The wheelchair is a means to an end it does not define who I'm. My mind is still good. Please tell me what your goals in life are if you have set them yet. Please know the at your age till your mid 30 will be some of the most fun sad and memoragle days in your life. Look forward to hearig from you.<br />
Jim<br />