Workaholic In Training...

Perhaps the "in training" is a bit dramatic but the truth is I manage a home for "special needs" gentlemen and my hours are 24/7. The greatest part of this job is knowing that I am the protector of the gents I manage. The "not so" great part is there are very few individuals who are willing to give up their lives to help the less fortunate. I deserve no "snaps" because I am the blessed one for knowing some of the kindest gentlemen I have ever known. So you ask yourself, what's she complaining about? Late at night, when my job is done here I miss companionship. Someone to tell me about their day, or what great meal they had for dinner. Maybe a few lines about the movie they just went to see. But every night I sit here deleting useless emails about enlarging parts of my anatomy that do not exsist and wishing for a few kind words to read before I place my head on my pillow.

I live in California and would give anything to know about other parts of our United States...or other parts of this crazy World. I promise I am just an older woman looking for someone to chat with...nothing more!

Hope someone finds me,
Nikki Lynn
abbielynn abbielynn
Sep 16, 2012