Someone Who Understands :)

Hi. :) I'm 15 and live in Germany, but I am not happy here. I'd like to talk to someone from the US oder Australia. :) But everyone else is welcome too ;) I feel out of place and missunderstood. I'd just like someone t talk to me about life, human mistakes and saving the world. :) About beeing different. Someone my age or a bit older and wiser would be nice :)
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whatsup? i'm from the usa but currently live tamporary in israel.

doing fine right nie, how's it going by u?What Part of the Usa are you from?:)

i may be a little older but i u can talk to me about anything if u want..

Just write i´ll be here.. Like you said to me.. ;)

Hey, if you are still interested in a email buddy shoot me a message and i'll send you my email.