Wonder If This Will Work Even

every time I've gone to a 'make new friends' type of site I am never successful. I am tired of just seeing newsletters and spam in my email box. I could really use some email from some actual people.
I'm a 40-yr old homemaker.. - interests include - video games, crosswords, movies, books, alternative rock, anime, Asian drama, jig saw puzzles, humor, animals (I have 2 cats), and lots of other things. Let me know if you want to correspond. I'll understand if you don't.
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I would love for us to be email buddies. Tell me about this alternative rock you talk about. I am getting into heavy metal through a friend. She's in her 30s. I also discovered some groups to listen to through this site. I'm listening to Going Quantum right this very minute. Do not know exactly what they are classified as but love them any way. Get back to me if interested. If not I will understand

Oh there are many that would enjoy emailing you.Write me I would love to write you back.My name is Rob.

I love getting to know people, and I love people who are more than "one line wonders." (like most guys here.). So I'd be glad to write. I'm not sure how much we have in common, but we could feel each other out and see. I'm 43, work, recently married for the second time and like gardening, books, cats (we have that in common), traveling, sex (I have to say it because it's a big part of my life.) and have no children.

If you are interested, drop me a private message and I'll respond with my e-mail address. (So I don't broadcast it to the world here.). And if I don't feel like a good fit for you, that's fine.

No spam from me, I promise!


I want a friend too.

okay :) send me a message if you want

I like to be an email friend but I am old 50, if you like my email is yomigatana@yahoo.com

50 to me is not old. i'm 40 so if I still think my 60+ yr old mom is young then you are not old (though a 20-something year old person may beg to differ)

thanks for add! and your compliment on age! i hope we can share our experiences! lets start with a n email I am sending you now

ok i don't have your email and wait for you to email me! my range of interests are also very wide

i am looking for a friend too, look me up, rocklala. i am 38 years old.

i'm computer illiterate, help me out, contact me