Just Wanna Run Away

So EP chicki's... who's in??? I want to run away... see the sights, dance in the streets, have meaningless sex and just LIVE!!


***Update! We need more people on the bus!! Where are my newbies? Wait wait we can't go yet... oohhhh more seats still open!***


*****2009 revisit!! This is from the good old days and although lots of comments went away when people left it's still here and still waiting for mindless fun******

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see two years ago I had a perv mind when i wrote this... now... well... uummm... <br />
<br />
oh heck nothin's changed

Can guys come too? I'm up for all of it but the meaningless sex!


How sad... so many comments from past members gone. I hate when people leave!

Ha... found the bus... knew it was here some place. Gonna dust it off and test out the engine...

yeah so is Tardy... giggle

Hey she's lucky she ran when she did... Blue had a great plan for Betsy Pudding! hehe

Yes pets are welcomed... but put a plug in the booty...

im in.. well except for the sex.. thats all for my baby..

Looks like this bus is getting pretty full... all aboard..

everyone's a merry prankster! weee-hoooo! FURTHUR!

I serioously need to get out of town and have some fun. please let me know if this takes off...

Is this thing ever gonna leave? GGEEZZZ we're gettin' cobwebs waiting!

Sez is right. ET needs some Reese's Pieces....

nope not organized...LOL

Hey, wait for me! Swing by AZ, Im packed and ready!!! Dont have to tell me twice :)

Crap didn't create an itinerary... We need an organized person to take over here... Any volunteers?

Oh get in here w/ u'r curly cute tail! (ya better put out or you'll be OUT) lol<br />
<br />
Tutti... nice of you to join!

Oh just picture a big purple flying bus w/ every kinda of person hanging out the window, boas trailing behind, handcuffs falling out, feathers... lots of feathers. (We're pulling them out of Tardy) Oh and a big, pink, squeeking pig hanging on to the back. Yes it will be quite a site!

Oh Sezziy we are going to come rescue you every weekend!!! *sniffle*

Oh it's a magic flying bus so we can go anywhere your heart desires!! Get packed... OTW!

Guess I was wrong - sounds like a trip for girls and boys. Don't expect you guys to stop by Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, but I'll meet you on the way. How 'bout Montreal?<br />
it's one hell of a place to party.

I can feel my virtual *** growing already... oh wait... duuhhh!! We're playing not eating right... Then again playing can include eating... oh my! ML I'd like a whipped cream bikini pls. :)

Did she just say strawberries and whipped cream???<br />
<br />
Ill bring the fondue pot for chocolate!

a road trip sounds so fun! san francisco please :)

Oh we'll make it the Sezziy good bye trip... :(

oh ok...gotcha!!!.....LOL

Ok if it smells like fish the rule is RUN!!!!

oh yeesch...LOL Fish taco's?

Hey knock yourselves out on the seafood stuff... I'll throw some steaks on if ya don't mind. :P Florida chicki that loves to fish but hates to eat it. go figure... *hehe*

sweet..can we throw some crabs and shrimp in with em?

OTW ML... hold on tight. Are you packed up?

Works for me... oh and some place is my little curly tailed friend... "here piggy piggy"... LOL

You know im bringing jeepdriver....he makes a mean drink..and looks awfully good naked!

*checks list* "Yep... got the wand"... Anyone or anything else we need? Wow I've never packed so much for one trip before!

Bring that wand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and mine are all pointed and perky! WHATEVER! Who gives a crap... it's our bus we can go topless if we want. If it helps I'll bring a magic wand and twitch my nose... that will stand them up!

No tops!!....EEEK...you have fun with that splits. Those parts on me headed south long ago...everyone would run screaming if I went topless.

I'm not getting burn marks again so no tops! I hate those lines!

Tropical Please!!!

Oh so soon... I want to make sure everyone makes it on. hehe The more the better... oh and lots of stuff to gather and bring... taking off very soon though.

when is this trip?

WHOO HOO!! Coffeegirl's drives like Danica... hold on everyone! WWEEEEEEE!!!

Ok Coffeegirls driving... "Can you drive a magic flying bus?" oh who cares... the drivers manual is in the glove box...

*checks NJ from list* Gottcha Disaster... LMAO I'm so excited... Oh gotta hit Frederick's first... Does anyone mind a quick stop?

Not once I join up. I'm feeling undersexed (surprise) this week and could really use some exhilarating catch-up f*cking, if you're down, splits. NJ is still the spot!

Silk OOHHHH!!! Silky soft! Yes that sounds like a great addition... *checks NY from list* Now we only have a few boys and lots of girls and one piggy w/ a really cute tail (I've seen it)... Will that be a problem?

Let's not forget NY (me!).<br />
<br />
I'll bring the lube, extra batteries and yards of silk rope.

VA... got it *checks off list*... "Anyone else on board?"

Im definetly in on this EP road trip. I would love a little meaningless sex and I need to get away for a very long trip. And I mean LONG!!!! lol Just Pick me up in the good ole state of VA!! Ive got the cooler with some cold brew! Lets hit it all!!!!!! ;)

Ok anyone else joining? We need to get this bus rolling already! I need a f^cking vacation!

Thigh highs? THAT'S what I'm talking about, girl!!<br />
<br />
Only thing moderately hotter would be fish nets. RED fish nets. Oh, yes please.<br />
<br />
Now, every bus I've ever toured in has a front lounge, a sleeping area in the middle, and a large, comfy back lounge... Imagine how we would utilize this space on the EP road trip!<br />
<br />
At any rate, the more I think of it, the more I believe this needs to happen.

OK now I've stepped in pig poo...

'bout damn time you got here... we were about to leave you... DORK!

Pizza for Marji... topping? I love pineapple and bacon... and you must put chips on top. LOL (yes I'm a dork)

Basement? What's a basement? I live in Florida... you dig too deep you hit water!

It didn't...I call that my basement.

Ok all... we can go anywhere and everywhere, it is a magic bus... Hey whatever happened to the Hedonism Resort? When did that dream die?

You must be joking...the "windy" city? Congratulations on that...NYC is the capital of the WORLD. That's why we got the UN.

With a flying bus it shouldn't be a prob... "Everyone ready to go?" Oh but could NY handle this crowd? Seems more like a Vegas kinda trip??

I'll be in Manhattan tonight, and you know New York City's the center of the universe...come party!

Oh today would so work for me... i need to escape! By the way WWY... you were comment #69! :P

by "ball breaking" I'm talking about playful verbal ribbing, not the obviously painful deviant sexual practice.<br />
<br />
My deviant sexual practices are much more fun than that...<br />
<br />
by far.<br />
<br />
When are we all getting together, then?

Brut... is that you? Can't see through all the ppl...

WWY, not so much into the ball breaking am I, but I would love to watch...

Did the bus leave me? I had to run to the store for new thigh highs... gggrrrr "HELLO?! Anyone home?!"

oh baby that sounds like what I need!

This cross-continental road trip needs to happen ASAP. Whatever happens happens. All I know is, I genuinely enjoy being in the company of some overworked drunken maniac sex-addicts with ZERO inhibition and a fondness for laughter and ball breaking...<br />
<br />
Maybe we should convene at an EP party somewhere relatively centrally located in the country... at a massive hotel with a pool, hot tub, sauna and standard rubber sheets on all the beds...<br />
<br />
oh, and bedposts. Thick, wooden bedposts. We all know what those are for, now, don't we girls?

i'll do topless but bottomless i think i would scare everyone away

i think everyone here is topless dear......

Hello, world, here's a song that we're singin', <br />
C'mon get happy <br />
A whole lotta lovin' is what we'll be bringin', <br />
We'll make you happy <br />
<br />
We had a dream we'd go trav'lin' together <br />
We'd spread a little lovin' then we'd keep movin' on <br />
Somethin' always happens whenever we're together <br />
We get a happy feelin' when we're singin' a song <br />
<br />
Trav'lin' along there's a song that we're singin', <br />
C'mon get happy <br />
A whole lotta lovin' is what we'll be bringin', <br />
We'll make you happy <br />
We'll make you happy, <br />
We'll make you happy

I'm ready to get this show on the road!! I have a friend who owns a party bus so I'll ask him to get it ready.


I don't know where the guys all are... not that I mind but would be nice to see a few newbies join in. :P

OH I so was ready to whip your @SS!!! Oh get over here... I'm gonna whip it anyways!!

hhmpppmmhhppmmh... oh wait... sorry... mouth full... what was that disaster?

Impressive multi-tasker...you must give good head, then, too...

WHEW.... oh anyone got a cold one? It's gettin' hot in here! Hey, wait, I CAN type one-handed...

***Blushes***<br />
I need a good, long, hard....run. I'll be the best pony you ever had; I promise...

OH baby no!!! You set it up to run and jump right in. I want you by myself for a bit...

Yeah...looks like I'll be behind the camera while all you guys are having fun and ******* your brains out...same old story ***sigh***

OOOHHHHH I'll watch... I think Brut wants to film it.

oohhhh a salute!! We need more of those...

New Jersey would welcome the bus with open arms...and pants down while standing at full attention.


So now we're going all S&M... Oh my! Damn... I can't find the fur lining for my handcuffs....

Yes. On demand....

I can help with the dark cloaks/hoods and the mail!!! Do I get to wear my leather harness???

Okay...we'll need some really big pillows, lots of water, apparently a shitload of double-headers and the kind with big balls too...some tennis rackets, lemme see...Red Hots (you go Ferrera Dan!), whipped cream, those restraints with the fuzzy inside cuff, the ones the pro's use in the hospitals and camps...ties, rubber sheets maybe a few nappies and Pampers, a stereo, a few camera operators and I have a feeling lots of costumes...a hood. DEFINITELY a Hood...and a coat of mail...

AAHHH WWY... I knew you'd find us... just took a little searching. hehe... Brut you can be gear chicki?? Just tell me what we need and I'll twitch the nose