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A Lesson Sometimes Comes With A Sore Butt

I probably need more than a singular bare bottom otk spanking. I don't think I'm to old and my behavior definitely says otherwise. I won't say I'm excited or that I just want a spanking, but I know I need one. Discipline is something I lack and my bratty, disrespectful attitude is sure not something I'm proud of. If I had someone who understood this need and would not tolerate my behavior, I'm sure I would find myself with a sore butt pretty often, as I slowly learned my actions and attitude have consequences. It wouldn't be negotiable, if I am being a brat or disrespectful, I wouldn't even have time to argue. Pants down, my butt bared and spanked till I was crying and truly sorry. Afterwards, sent to the corner red butt bared and on display while I thought about my behavior. Afterwards, a hug and told that because he loves me, he wants me to behave and if that means having to spank me, it's out of love. As much as I hate getting spanked, he doesn't like having to spank me.
diaperedbabykristen diaperedbabykristen 22-25, F 4 Responses Jun 8, 2013

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I hope you find just that right person to love you and meet your needs.

I hope so to. Thanks

Very well written


I don't think any age is to old to be taken over the knee, pants/diapers down and given a sound spanking when earned. Crying real tears and truly sorry for acting in such a way that I need to be spanked.

Well said...I think your views echo the position that every "baby girl" needs to take in recieving discipline.

I need a daddy who will discipline me regardless of time & place. I want to be a good girl, and spanking seem to be the only thing that gets my attention when I'm being told to listen or misbehaving. Otherwise I don't think I'll get any punishment and continue acting like a bratty disrespectful little girl.