A Call To My Nephew In Denver

A Call To My nephew In Denver

Hey, Doug how you doing? I thought your pun Cinco De Drinko about Cinco de Mayo was great. I sat down next to this Mexican guy, with a lot of tattoos and real big, on the Cental Avenue bus in Albuquerque. He told me that he was going to Denver in a couple of days. Pretty soons we were laughing and talking-you know how La Gente is- and I was thinking that such a happy guy wouldn't mine a little fun pun-a laught on himself-and I tolds him your pun, and I laugh and... he didn’t. I knew I was in trouble. He looked at me real mean and asked, you think that's funny? and I replied immediately, of course not i was just talking.
Who told you that, the guy with a snake tattooed around his neck, asked and I told him that you told me that. Then he asked me for your address, while fiddling with some heavy looking object in his coat pocket and I”m sure it wasn’t a strawberry popsicle, so I gave it to him. He said that he wasn’t going to beat the **** out of me because I gave him a burrito i had in my pocket.
Prior to our misunderstanding I found out that he was the leader of the Mexican Mafia at Gull Island Maximin Security Prison. He had just gotten out after serving twenty years. Sorry about this Bud but here’s how to handle it. Go to a pawn shop and buy a piece. Park your van several blocks away.from your house, an empty drive way may convince him that your not home.
And hang a large Mexican flag on your front door. Don’t turn on your lights at night. Sit around in the dark and whisper and a little prayer wouldn't hurt a flea. And under no circumstances, if he catches up with you, tell him your a Hispanic. Because-I repeat-there are no Hispanics in Gull Island.
a1234poem a1234poem
41-45, M
Aug 22, 2010