What Makes Good Friends?

This weekend has been difficult. I have many great on-line friends. The are willing to help with the resources they have and always willing to listen and lend assistance. I wish my real-life friends were the same way. I really want someone to talk to and get a hug from. I have a couple friends I am willing to divulge my emotions to and use their shoulder to cry on. They are also the friends that give the best advice, but for the past few months, I have felt this relationship has changed. I don't know if I did something to hurt them, this is very possible as i can be a huge jerk. Maybe they are tired of me?
Is a friend someone that will drop what they are doing to help you when you need it? If that is the case, well they did not succeed with that this weekend. How often do you hang out with your best friend? Is a friend someone who reply's to your calls and occasionally sends you an uplifting word or two? Have not had that for ages. So what makes a good friend? If it is any of these things, I have the wrong people around me. Where do I find good friends and how?
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2 Responses May 6, 2012

I understand your problem when it comes to friends. I have one friend I get advice from and listen to, but isn't quick with a hug. But, he has helped me in many ways. Other than that, all of my friends are on line I had a bad night Saturday and was lucky enough to have a friendstay up with me all night on line untl I was able to go to bed. We talked, I cried, he listened, gave some adviceand tried tocheer me up. I have others who are the same way I am fortunate to have several on line friends so there always seems like one is aroun when I need them. I don't look for personal friends.

. . .aww, so sorry I wasn't a friend when you needed one. <br />
I can see we share circles but never exchanged hellos lately.Why not give me a nudge sometimes.^^