A Life ... Live Ones Life


The hopes and dreams of many.

My hopes and dreams captured in theses too.

(Thanks to Becky's TG Caps for these wonderful captions ... for truly touching my heart and speaking for me.)

Josie06 Josie06
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

Yes I too have enjoyed Becky's TG Captions.

Yes, many good places for captions on the Net. Becky is one of the best. Yvonne is another of my favorites. Oh, I could go on and on ....

Yes, you could go on... I just thought of something, sometime we ought to try and assemble a list of some of the best TG Caption posters for the others to look up.

Yes Josie, I agree. Sometimes it has felt like my hopes and dreams will never be fulfilled, but I know that is not really the case. And I also know deep down that one day when the time is right you too will see your hopes and dreams come true. My heart goes out to those of our sisters who may never see their hopes and dreams completely become reality, BUT I SAY TO THEM NEVER EVER STOP HOPING AND DREAMING!!!! When we stop hoping and dreaming our souls and hearts begin to die, so NEVER GIVE UP MY SISTERS your day will come.