Next Chapter....

I have a great life....and I'm ready for the rest of it to start!

They say we are a sum of our experiences...and I'm not ready to stop experiencing. 

So far in my journey, I have known true love and known raw heartache, the joy of holding my babies and the agony of losing one, the freedom of being alone and the prison of being lonely....I have paid the price for trusting too readily and sometimes, been rewarded for it....Learned that family can be your greatest ally or most destructive adversary, and that good intentions do not always excuse reckless actions....I have made wise decisions that were mistakes and made mistakes that were wise decisions....and discovered that the high road isn't always the right path.

I'm 40 now and have been divorced and on my own for 5 years.  I have two kids that rock my world, a good job and great friends....yet sometimes I feel like if I watch one more week turn into one more month this way I will lose my mind!

I recognize how much I have too be thankful for so I'm hoping to make small changes for now....Being a Mom is my priority so joining a circus or something will have to wait for a few years....but it might be time to start learning the trapeze!  ;)

cindirae cindirae
36-40, F
Mar 7, 2010