Wave Machine Restoration

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I came up with an idea of rasing money for a new wave machine at my local pool. my Profile picture actually shows the blower for this wave machine I am working with.

This current wave machine is over 30 years old and the blowers made by ASEA. Since I mentioned the idea of rasing money for a new wave machine on facebook it seemed to be taken in as a Good Idea amongst the Piesces Swimming Group. I do know how this wave machine actually work as I have observed it over 2012.

The Current wave machine has a lot of problems it breaks down a lot it threw water higher than deck level.

The Valve system used in this wave machine is a pivot pipe type valve hoping to replace it with butterfly valves if possible.

I will have to contact the wave machine company and price it up to find out its rough target. Most Pneumatic wave machines only have 1 blower. This swimming pool is only I know that has 2 but 1 is not working at all.

Trying to get some Charity Ideas on starting this project. Will have to take this with the Manager at this pool too as he is the one that gave me a wave machine plant room tour and allowed me to film the machines in actions (Unattended due to pressurised plant room)
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I have managed to film the wave machine mishap at this pool.


The fountain effect is caused by too much air inside the caissons. I will be refilming this wave machine from underwater to see if it forms a large air bubble from the caissons using light to keep the caissons lit up to see what the light does.