I Miss My Home Church So Much !!!

See I was a member of a church for quite some time, and i was really devoted to go  church, every church nite. It was something i look forward to every church nite. till some new members came along with differnt way's of beleaveing and that didn't trouble me at all. thay became members and i thought it was great,i know in heaven there will be differnt people there that had differnt beleafs here on earth, and i know that we must love all to have the love of god in our lifes cause the bible tells us that, i am the type that i try my best to show people that i am a caring person and i will help any ony that i can if i can. see it all started when thay heard of the calling god placed in my life,,, (IT'S PREACHING) many may not agree with it, but it's there cause thats what he has given me to do,,, I feel like this, if he could use a donkey in the bible to talk through, than he can use me. to make a long stroy short when thay heard of this, thay would say things to me that would upset me and hurt me, this went on for a long time and it pulled me down so much that i got to the point i didn't care if i went back to that church or not. thay would get me out side of the church or eles where and try to get me to agree with there ways of beleaveing like i was going to go aginst god's calling that he placed in my life. so as months passed things begain to get worse and i just couldn't handle it any longer.... i called the pastor up, and decide to talk to him and his wife about the things thay were saying to me,, cause i knew that this was going on in the church and i just couldn't take it any longer.. i didn't want to start trouble or get these people ran of from the church, cause god knows that isn't what i wan't to do. well thay the( pastor and his wife) had talked to them about this stuff, and it just didn't do any good for thay started it right back again and i just couldn't handle any more i decide to go eles where,, and yes i am enjoying the times i have in this other church,,, but it isn't my home church,, for i miss it so much, and my heart is there and not eles where i just don't know what to do about this, it's ripping me inside and out cause my heart is there at my home church, and i love and miss my church members so much,, so what should i do???? i just don't know what way to turn can anyone help me??????? should i go back ? or should i not ? i miss it so much.
chosenone2003 chosenone2003
26-30, F
Apr 8, 2007