this year my grammy died. i new her my whole life! i loved her so much!! i will really miss her..this christmas will be hard. i watch her funeral video all the time. i wish i could go back in time to her funeral. i really want to see her but i know i never will. all i have is a wall with her name on it. the best thing ever though is that when they put her in the wall with her husband the sun came was raining before and when the sun came out i new that she was happy. she was with her mom and dad and huband. she's my great grandmother and my great-grandmother grandma. she was like my other grandmother. i love her and will always will remember her!!! This was great closure. i love talking bout my grammy but it hurts my mom to much to talk about her. thank you!
taytay45698 taytay45698
13-15, F
Jul 16, 2010