And So It Is...

I'll always wonder how it would it have been.
But I understand that it couldn't be.
I 'll be always thankful for all I learned.
When I face trouble, I may think it should have been.
I don't love you, I know now, and I never will. 
You don't deserve all the things I would have done for you.
You don't deserve another thought of me.
You took advantage.
You broke my heart. 
You're still a kid. 
You have no heart.
You let me down.

But now I know.
It was the best.
I'll have no rest
Until we talk

Coz I'm gonna make you see
That you're missing out on me
That I'm fully moving on
To forever and so on

I'm gonna leave you, leave you behind.
I'm growing out of stupidity and you
I'm moving on, life still goes on.
And until we meet again 
I'll be at my best
Without you.
And without regrets.
Mkarronni Mkarronni
31-35, F
Aug 10, 2010