A Little Warm Fuzzy Goes a Long Way

When you're having a crap day & someone gives you a compliment it can change the whole outlook on your day.  Especially those you can tell are genuine & from the heart. 

I was able to do this for someone today, and the look on her face was precious.  That made me feel good, too.

darlene darlene
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4 Responses Dec 4, 2007

Compliments give your heart a warm feeling. :) And you do too Darlene. You are a very beautiful and kind and caring person :) I hope you are having a beautiful day :D

Compliments yield the most priceless gifts for both the giver and the recipient. It just makes me feel good. Compliments Strengthen relationships. It's a natural smile. Tell them why you like them. Tell them why you love them. Tell them why you're smiling. Tell them why everyone else is smiling. If they're not smiling, they soon will be.

Sometimes you can put a smile on someones face that will stay all day. I like doing that to someone as often as I can. : )<br />
Puts a smile on my face knowing I put one on someone else. : )

Thanks Hipdude! What a sweet compliment!