So I think my guy friend is trying to hook me up with his friend let's call my guy friend guy 1 and the other guy 2 so befor I met this guy. Guy 1 said all the girls think he's cute I'm like well I don't I'm like he's ugly he's like Im gonna tell him which he didn't and guy 2 and guy 1 cams over today I had a friend over that was a guy guy 2 was quiet until he left then he acted like himself he playful touched my hair like 6 times when I told him to stop he would smile and guy 1 dosnt text me as much and I just got guy 2s number we texted till he had to go to bed he seems really into are conversation also one night guy 1 and guy 2 were at my baclony I didn't guy 2 was there until he told me and he seems to agree with me on a lot of stuff and idk it just feels like a set up.
thatonegirl156 thatonegirl156
18-21, F
Aug 27, 2014