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Ever since I was first teased for being in diaper's,(I was about 5), I have enjoyed the experience though it was frightening at the time.My need for diapers along with my extremely small penis makes teasing seem natural to me. I am 59 now and have never stopped wetting the bed. Was diapered, teased, & humiliated thru my childhood. I now want someone to notice my diaper and make me do whatever they desire so that they won't tell other's of my shameful babylike condition. Make me suck a penis..please.Tell me it's a baby bottle.
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1 Response May 9, 2012

Again, I feel for you. Like you were bullied. But your condition is in my opinion no reason to be ashamed. I am glad you have enjoyed the experience, at least some of it. Frightened? WHY? You don't say here. <br />
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I think you should have some control over your FEELINGS of shame and fright If you enjoy being an "adult baby," I think that is ok by me. I do pacifiers and diapers at times myself. <br />
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Enjoy life.