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Punishing Naughty Girls And Boys With Dirty Diapers And Poo *******

i think this is the most erotic punishment, especially when i make em go at the mall or in front of others. i love to feel the big bm lump in your panties or diaper and do dirty things with it to you. buttfucking a poo filled bottom is super fun! Do you desire a **** in your bottom? do you ***** your poo filled butt and love it? I bet you eat your own poo don't you. i like to make you smell the contents of your diaper and kiss it too, so hot!!
poopooboy2000 poopooboy2000 46-50, M 4 Responses Dec 7, 2011

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I'm a girl that poops my pants and should be punished

awesome! I like the way you think. :)

I love to make girls super hot and talk super piggy

oh yes! pound my poopy bottom i long to be bent over and have my mess pants pulled down then feel your large manhood sliding between my cheeks spreading me open wider and wider as it forces its way in deeper and deeper

That is very hot, I so love the idea of being made to kiss dirty diapers like that.

kiss the poo poo naughty girl. Tounge it in circles. I know you want to open your mouth really wide. Do it.