Big Boy Wet Bed

I have been a adult baby for long time but due to my nerve disorder I started wetting the bed about 8 month's ago at first I had mixed feelings but now I'm cool with it and so at night it wet bed or wet diapers so I need diapers and love it
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I always knew I loved diapers plus having a weak bladder. When I was age 9, I was wetting more and found myself in pampers with potty access cut off. It took some getting used to but it was worth it. The big surprise was when they got me new tight whiteys for school and out of diapers. I totally failed and made it 2 weeks and I was told I would be going back into diapers and it wasn't funny. I found out that a summer in diapers and not holding it wiped out what bladder control I had. It rocked because I could try to hold it and would end up wetting my Pampers even when I tried to hold it.

Hay I'm 28 and I order my diapers from h d I s

sorry for so many posts but i have one more question where do u get your diapers?

how old r u

i love wearing diapers to and i love to wet the bed just because i get to wear diapers