Teenage Fanclub - I Need Direction

its a good song. go listen to it. it sums up my goal too. i havent decided which direction i shall take yet. whether it will be towards life, or not life. everythings all muddled, but i intend to have some "interesting" times trying to figure it out. so far not life seems the most plausible. join me, if you want, if you can.
piggygoff piggygoff
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2 Responses Jul 4, 2007

good question. jurys out. theyre deliberating on the state of affairs. hopefully they wont give me a life sentence though, they know i can never stick to one plan for long. basically im simple. i'd like some peace and quiet right now. a shack up in the mountains with music and a rocking chair and someone to share it with.

wehn you say, "whether it will be towards life, or not life." what do you mean? what does "life" mean to you? just curious ...