Life Should Come With Directions

...not that you would need it all the time for everything you do, but there should be a manual for when you are in rut and can't get our or don't know how to get out.

A perfect example would be me right now. I'm 24 years old, at my age it should be all planned out, a career, a house, a husband Or maybe 24 is still too young but these things should be starting to surface in my brain and i guess they are....and i have no idea how to map out the plan.

I'll be done with university next month and i should be getting a job and "should be" is the operative word here but even though i'll be specialised i still have no idea what to do with my life ...i need directions!

Should i get a job that doesn't pay so well and i'll never get that house i've dreamed about or a savings account for that matter but i'll be doing good and having an impact on the world and changing lives or should i get a good paying job and just float along in life or should i go back to university and study for the next five years.....directions needed!

Why can't i relate with someone...anyone on more than a level, where i'm scared to let go and let them know the real me there a real me? Or why am i lonely and can't find someone who really gives a damn that i'm lonely and want to fix it .... and where are the directions for me to fix it ....where are the damn directions??

Somebody please tell me


Candita Candita
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 12, 2009

This is what my directions have been. Whatever you do you screw up. It's never going to be the right thing to do.