One night my boyfriend and I were sitting on the couch together watching a movie and I could not stop crying. I had absolutely no reason to cry and he kept asking me what was wrong but I had no answer so he was getting frustrated with me. He was not angry but he turned to me and calmly said, "You need a spanking. Stand up please." I was stunned and didn't move so he stood us both up, pulled my pants and panties down and told me to touch my toes. I realized he was serious so I
did what I was told and he wore me out. Afterwards, I felt so much better. We forgot about it, went on with our night and had a great time. I still got spankings from time to time when I would misbehave or got really whiny and emotional, but they really helped. Sometimes I would just ask him to spank me because I felt like I needed it. I can't even explain how liberated I feel after.
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