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When I say emotional intimacy I don't mean "How does this make you feel"  or  "What are you thinking right now".  I mean I want someone who'll talk to me when they're pissed off at me, or when something is bothering them or when important decisions need to be made in a relationship.
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I think some people get it and want that too and others dont understand the need. Its finding the like...or at least, waiting for the right without losing hope and becoming cynical..x

Sounds reasonable.


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All of these post make perfect sense to me. I just happen to be passive agressive not because i'm shallow or uninterested. It's just hard to express myself without misinterpretting what I actually want to say, and believe it or not when i do get angry i get sick so it sux. I do so much better with writing but i know it's not easy for others to understand.

My husband is passive aggressive and refuses to share any emotional converstion with me! Some men are afraid or don't know how to express their emotional feelings! I think red flag here!!

I too am sick of just surface talk! If I probe deeper it just ends up he gets angry and acts like a little rebellious kid, crushing my feelings in the process.

If he doesn't now, he never will! Trust me!! Or if he does, he will just tell you what you want to hear, and not reveal the true person he is.

I agree, Most people stray from me due to the fact I open up and don't mind a difference of opinion , I have a major problem and thats lying

I use to be able to be more intouch with my own emotions , and be able to express them more

but I find my self shutting down - when I due open up people /hubby don't want to try and understand or reply

So for the most of it I stay connected to animals and older people,

I agree with you MD. When you mention emotional intimacy, minds go directly to sex. Not the true need for most. Feeling emotionally connected to another human being is a fantastic feeling. Ulike you, I love to be and need to be touched, but the emotional ties are very important to me personally. Most people today fear that kind of connection. I don't know why unless it's because we live in a "ME" society and it leaves little room for anyone else.

What does BTW mean? Emotional intimacy sounds good to me or any other kind of intimacy.