Is It So Wrong?

Is it so wrong?

The passion, the frenzy, the erotic electricity.

So wonderful and yet, not all.

Is it so wrong?

Holding hands, walking the beach.

Candle lit dinners and sharing a bottle of wine.

Is it so wrong?

Laughing and smiling, watching a movie together.

Sharing together a picnic with those we both love.

Is it so wrong?

Snowballs and snowmen, the joyous time of year.

Shopping together amidst the hustle and bustle.

Is it so wrong?

No, but that's not it at all.

They doesn't fill the void.

Is it so wrong?

To look into each others eyes with a desperation that says I need you?

To hold each other each time, as if it were the last?

To start the morning needing the touch of the person who has slept with you all night?

To sit and kiss and touch losing hours in the soft unspoken passion?

To stop in the midst of a walk together, just to take a moment to look in each others eyes once again?

To touch that knee, that thigh and squeeze gently on the long ride home after a wonderful day?

To share a drink, an ice cream or anything at all. Just because you want to?

To taste those lips simply because, you can't get enough?

Is it so wrong?

Intimacy, romance and love.

Wanting each other. Needing each other.

Seeing yourself within the others eyes.

The same passion, desire and need.

Words unspoken yet volumes written.

Is it so wrong?

It is so right.?
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1 Response Jun 17, 2010

So sweet.