The Heart Is Worth Trying For...


The struggle.

Struggling in life is one thing, in love is another.

Reaching out for the touch, the feel. No, the connection.

That which lies deep within, yearning to come out.

To touch, to know, to feel again the passion and love.

Yet the fears. Fears of being hurt, or worse, fear of hurting others.

Fears of time. Is there time? enough time?

Or Distance. Too far? Can we make it? Can I make it?

Letting one down, or, being let down.

Having to let go if one must, or, not being able to let go.

Speaking the truth and becoming, transparent.

Seeing through the other person, fearing what comes from within them.

Am I good enough? or even, are they too good for me?

The need is there within us and yet, the fears also. Too many to name and each of us has our own.

But there comes that time.

Time of decision.

I need. I need you.

I need your touch. I need to hear your voice in my ear.

I need to feel your flesh against mine.

I need to feel the depths of your soul and expose what has been hidden within me.

That time. Time of decision.

What then, shall we die of fear, never knowing that which can so easily be quenched by the one.

Or shall we overcome our fears. Reach out. Be vulnerable. Be transparent.

If not for this reason, than what? What is worth it.

The sake of the heart needing that cool drink that is you.

The touch that brings comfort and healing as a salve upon my wounds.

That voice that is for me, calling my name.

That one, that can....

That one...

Am I not worth it? Are you not worth it? Are WE???

Step aside my fears, for if I die, it will not be without knowing. Without trying. Without seeking. Without falling. Without hurting. Without loving.

At least, I know my heart is worth trying for...
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1 Response Jul 10, 2010

First that was amazing. Second it sounds like the same struggle I went through... Most people say they went through this to but I can tell from your writing that like I you are one of those people that feel to much to put it simply. Every feeling just seems to drain you. I learned over time that the best way to deal with is to be shallow for lack of a better way to say it. I started feeling my feelings for what they were and not what my 80 theories were thinking they could be... It a hard place to be but you'll figure it out. And on the day you figure that out will be the same day you find the person you're supposed to spend the rest of your life with.